With over 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry and affectionately referred to as “the Mortgage Geek,” current president of Cornerstone Mortgage Group, Sean Cahan, oversees operations and production of over 650 million dollars in loans annually.


You’d think with an impressive resume like that, Sean wouldn’t have time to do much else. Yet, the humanitarian and natural athlete, is all heart, and spends his free time educating individuals about the mortgage process, health, and spreading laughter.

With athletics as part of his vision quest, he takes pride in bringing people together and regularly uses his own success as a way to create awareness and raise money for charity.  

His most recent partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation to raise $50,000 for their 'Million Dollar Challenge,’ a 7-day cycling event along the coast of California, is one in which he is most excited.


For him, raising the money for the event means raising awareness for something in which he deeply believes. He knows that no challenge is too great with the right support.


His purpose for participating in this ride is to help in any way he can to provide physically challenged athletes with the tools they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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